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Nova Scotia is home to stunning natural beauty, an exciting and diverse culture, a rich heritage and breathtaking experiences. With iconic sites such as Lunenburg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Halifax Citadel, Halifax’s star-shaped fortress, the Cape Breton Highland’s Skyline Trail, located along the Cabot Trail and our newest UNESCO Site, the Landscape of Grand Pré, in the Annapolis Valley, there is no shortage of world-class attractions to explore.

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Duration: 11 Days (10 Nights) $2,149

Relax and rejuvenate on winding trails and sandy beaches. Visit picturesque St. Andrews by the Sea and enjoy the quaint charm of this coastal town. Explore the Bay of Fundy known for its impressive tidal movements and enormous rock formations. Visit Charlottetown, the elegant seaside city known as the birthplace of Canada and explore the historic streets, walking trails and waterside boardwalks at your own pace.

Duration: 13 Days (12 Nights) $3284

This comprehensive tour features the best of “the Far East of the Western World”. Travel from the northernmost tip of the island of Newfoundland to the most easterly point in North America through national parks – including Gros Morne, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Learn of ancient peoples – the Maritime Archaic, Vikings, and Basques – as you travel to coastal fishing communities to meet the friendly and hospitable people of today. Boat tours provide the opportunity to see whales, thousands of seabirds, and, depending on the time of the year, icebergs! Sample local food and drink to become an honorary “Newfoundlander”!

Duration: 13 Days (12 Nights) $4674

Experience the best of Prince Edward Island, Cape Breton and the west coast of Newfoundland and Labrador on this Atlantic Canada adventure. Highlights include the red sandstone cliffs of Prince Edward Island, the world famous Cabot Trail and Gros Morne National Park. Atlantic Canada is one of the world’s most popular destinations; the hospitality of the people will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime and the scenic natural beauty will take your breath away!

Duration: 14 Days (13 Nights) $2,715

Each day this journey will offer you new experiences, scenery and sightseeing as you travel through the provinces of Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick to the coast of Nova Scotia.

Duration: 14 Days (13 Nights) $4,135

An adventure designed to show you the panoramic beauty and rich cultural diversity that defines Eastern Canada.

Duration: 14 Days (13 Nights) $2,319

This comprehensive self-drive itinerary combines the highlights of the Maritimes and exploring areas that you cannot access by scheduled tour services. With the flexibility of having a car you can choose to walk one of the many hiking trails, linger at the many historic sites and join any of the local adventures at your own choice.

Duration: 18 Days (17 Nights) $5,185

Rail is a relaxing way to view the spectacular changing scenery as you travel across each diverse province. You will experience varied landscapes and culture from the vibrancy of the Pacific Coast to the hospitality and lively music of the Atlantic Maritimes on the East Coast.

Duration: 18 Days (17 Nights) $4,875

This tour features the highlights of Eastern Canada. Visit Ottawa, the nation’s capital, then travel to Québec to discover the culture. Visit New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia before ending in Niagara Falls.

Duration: 20 Days (19 Nights) $5,350

One of the most comprehensive tours of Atlantic Canada, this tour doesn’t miss a thing. Nova Scotia’s South Shore, Cape Breton and the Cabot Trail, New Brunswick and the Acadian Coast, PEI and the Red Beaches, plus 7 days in Newfoundland highlights Gros Morne, the Viking Trail, Twillingate and St. John’s.

Duration: 33 Days (32 Nights) $7,665

This tour is a “bucket list” adventure. Experience this magnificent country as you travel from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean on a tour specifically designed to show you the panoramic beauty and rich cultural diversity that is “Our Canada”!

Duration: 4 Days (3 Nights) $1264

Overnight in the Oak Island area and learn of the treasure hunters that have ventured to Nova Scotia for hundreds of years before heading to Prince Edward Island for a two-night stay. The red cliffs, white beaches, gently sloping sand dunes and green fields of Canada’s smallest province awaits!

Duration: 6 Days (5 Nights) $1149

The red cliffs, white beaches, gently sloping sand dunes and green fields await you. Canada's smallest province is a quaint place of natural beauty and rich history so sit back and enjoy the ride along Prince Edward Island's alluring coastal scenery.

Duration: 6 Days (5 Nights) $955

The Lighthouse Route follows Nova Scotia's South Shore, where the past is a part of everyday life. You'll find it along quiet country roads where ox teams still haul lumber, and coastal villages where fishermen still row wooden dories out to sea. View over twenty lighthouses, from the dramatic beauty of the famous lighthouse at Peggy's Cove to Yarmouth's towering Cape Forchu light.

Duration: 6 Days (5 Nights) $995

From culture to coast, travel from the French influenced province of Quebec, through New Brunswick to the east coast province of Nova Scotia.

Duration: 6 Days (5 Nights) $1394

Enjoy some of the best of Canada's ocean playground as you spend three nights in Nova Scotia's capital city of Halifax and two nights on beautiful Cape Breton Island. The modern port city of Halifax is bursting with culture and heritage while Cape Breton Island offers a world of wondrous sightseeing opportunities, including the famous Cabot Trail.

Duration: 7 Days (6 Nights) $2192

Nestled between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Atlantic Canada’s Bay of Fundy is home to the highest tides in the world. Learn of the ecology and geology of the most dramatic and diverse tidal environment on the planet and experience Maritime history, culture and hospitality on this 7 day adventure to Canada’s East Coast.

Duration: 8 Days (7 Nights) $1335

Experience spectacular scenery from the mountains to the sea. Celebrate Nova Scotia’s Scottish roots in the historic town of Pictou before continuing on to the scenic village of Baddeck overlooking the beautiful Bras d’Or Lakes. Explore the world renown Cabot Trail, with its dramatic coastal views and highland scenery it’s known to be one of the most spectacular drives in all of Canada. Visit the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic site and take a step back in history when all of Nova Scotia was a battleground. Discover rugged coastlines, tranquil bays and crystal clear lakes and streams as you follow the Marine Drive route along the Eastern Shore.

Duration: 8 Days (7 Nights) $2365

Enjoy fresh salt air, sandy beaches, mountain vistas and much more. Pass through fields of green, dine on succulent seafood, and travel the world famous Cabot Trail on this tour of Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton Island.

Duration: 8 Days (7 Nights) $2420

Canada’s Maritime islands await! Enjoy fresh salt air, sandy beaches, mountain vistas and much more. Pass through fields of green, dine on succulent seafood, and travel the world famous Cabot Trail on this vacation of Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton Island. Also spend time in the Oak Island area to learn of the treasure hunters that have ventured to Nova Scotia for hundreds of years! Get ready for a truly memorable island adventure in the Atlantic Maritimes.

Duration: 8 Days (7 Nights) $2383

Thousands of years of history come alive as you ferry across the Cabot Strait to explore the West Coast of Newfoundland & Labrador. Learn about ancient peoples-the Maritime Archaic and Dorset Indians at Port au Choix, the Vikings in L’Anse aux Meadows, and the Basque Whalers in Red Bay - as you meet the hospitable and friendly people of today. See the beauty of Gros Morne National Park – a UNESCO World Heritage Site and coastal fishing communities. Take a boat tour in St. Anthony (weather permitting) where you may see whales and, depending on the time of year, icebergs!

Thriving Gaelic, Acadian and Mi’kmaq communities live on this tiny island which rests on the edge of the North American continent. Its history and culture promise to weave a golden thread through your experience in a setting where the raw beauty will take your breath away.

Cape Breton has been acclaimed by National Geographic as one of the “World’s must see places in 2013”, by CNN in as one of “49 places to travel in your lifetime” and one of “10 places to dare to go in the world”, and by visitors as a place “Your heart will never leave”.

Digby, located along the Bay of Fundy, is renowned for the abundance of marine biodiversity along its shores. Several kinds of whale, as well as porpoises and basking sharks can be found here, dining in these rich tidal waters. For a local delicacy, enjoy fresh succulent scallops daily. Digby is the scallop capital of the world and home to the world’s largest scallop fleet. In Bear River, some of Canada’s first grape vines were planted over 400 years ago and are harvested today.

Not only is Halifax, Nova Scotia the quintessential Maritime destination – where you can relax on the waterfront, soaking up sea air – it’s also the cultural hub of Atlantic Canada. Halifax offers a unique combination of historic venues, dynamic nightlife and restaurants, international culture, and access to nature. You will be greeted with our famous Maritime friendliness and a warmth that has nothing to do with the weather. Halifax is easy to reach by land, sea and air and it’s close to the things that make our city unique - our seacoast, our lush countryside and our historic setting.

Outdoor enthusiasts can canoe in Keji or raft the tidal bore on the highest tides in the world. Culinary inspiration doesn’t stop with land and sea. Check out the wineries, microbreweries and microdistilleries around Nova Scotia. Or be in awe of 300 million years of Earth history at Joggins Fossil Cliffs.

Top 10 Things to See and Do:

  1. Visit Peggy’s Cove, Canada’s most photographed lighthouse
  2. Stroll the Halifax Harbour’s accessible and busy waterfront boardwalk
  3. Talk a walking tour of Lunenburg’s “Old Town”, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  4. Hike the Skyline Trail, in Cape Breton Highlands National Park
  5. Step back into 1744 New France at the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site
  6. Do a wine-tasting at one of 18 different Nova Scotia award-winning wineries
  7. Take a thrilling tidal bore rafting adventure as you ride the highest tides of the Bay of Fundy
  8. Guided tour of 300-million-year-old fossils at Joggins, revealed by the Bay of Fundy tides
  9. Take a road trip along the magnificent Cabot Trail, an experience unlike any other
  10. Discover the story of Acadian settlement and history at Grand Pré National Historic Site

Travel Tips:

The best time to travel is mid-May to mid-October

Provincial Visitor Information Centres (VICs) are located at all entry points into Nova Scotia. For additional personalized information, call 1-800-565-000

Look for the Community Access program sign (CAP) offering visitor internet access or visit www.halifaxcap.ca

For services for people with special needs, visit www.accessadvisor.ca

Did you know Nova Scotia has Canada’s highest recycle rate? For information on how to keep Nova Scotia beautiful, visit www.putwasteinitsplace.ca

Weather/ Climate:

Season: Temperature Range (Celsius) Seasonal Comments
Spring:   10°C to 20°C  mid-Mar to mid-June
Summer:   20°C to 25°C  mid-June to mid-Sept
Fall:  10°C to 20°C  mid-Sept to mid-Nov
Winter:   0°C to -15°C  mid-Nov to mid-Mar

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